Here’s a brief summary of the key Earned Value resources on this blog:

  • Earned Value in two sentences: Earned Value in a Nutshell
  • Introduction, from a Agile perspective: Agile Charts
  • Introduction, from a classic Earned Value Management (aerospace/DoD) perspective: Software Tech News article (was also re-printed in the PMI’s Measurable News)
  • A comprehensive 30-page article, compatible with both the agile and traditional approaches to Earned Value.
  • Video: “An animated graphical introduction to Earned Value”. (Update, 2013: sorry, I never got around to posting this one.  It was supposed to be a video of the talks I gave at NZCS events in 2010.  Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll see what I can do.)
  • “Starter kit” spreadsheet (released with the kind permission of my former employer): Starter Kit
  • Important guidelines for successfully using Earned Value: Rules of the Green Line

Finally, note that none of this is necessarily new or unfamiliar.  Some good project managers do something similar almost intuitively, but often with less graphical display. However I think that many projects, both agile and traditional, slip unknowingly into weaker forms of progress tracking that are dangerous and misleading – resulting in nasty surprises late in the project. The lite earned value approach which is described on the above pages is the best way I know of, to avoid such late surprises.  (Especially if you do the risky user stories/features in the first 3rd of the project, as per Alistair Cockburn’s Design as Knowledge Acquisition.)